Positive emails we have got about this site

From the start of this blog in 2006 we have got many positive emails. We appreciate them all and we want to share some of them with you. We have removed any personal details.
Thanks for all your encouragement!

Hello,this is XXXX Also again thank-you for the daily text each day. what an encouragement to have and to start each day off, to have spiritual things on your mind first.and to be able to think and meditate and if time and circumstances allow, you can rightly share some Bible Truths with someone.Hopping it will reach their heart to. AGAPE...

thankgiving and heartfelt gratitude
Just want to say thanks! to jehovah and to you for the fine work you're performing through his aid. May jah safeguard all of us that are endeavouring through these critical hard times of the end. Answer please... Need of encouragement!...

I love getting the text every day

Hello there, thanks so much for my Daily Text. it's a joy to read each day. especially to start each day with a good mind set, from being fed spiritually from (Jehovah God) It gives you something to think about,as well as to apply in your life and share with others . good field service points along with scriptures to back up each point.

Thanks so much
I've been reading your daily posts as part of my morning routine. Whether in print or electronically this spiritual food at the has been a strengthening aid to me each morning. Thank you for coming up with a convenient way for us all to read our daily text. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts in the ministry. Your brother,

Many thanks and have a wonderful day.

Thank you

Thank you for such daily reminders available on our email. Hope all is well.

Hello,I'm new to working with the computer world all it's many links to finding things. So i hope i have taped into the right channels to receive my daily text,which i love so much. i really do. please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!

I don't know how to express how much I appreciate the daily text and study schedule with links to the material on the new CD.
Life is so hectic and difficult to get under control and simplified. One thing after another seems to thwart all efforts, including mental and physical fatigue. My study habits went to the wayside for a while and without support in the household it was more of a challenge than I could seem to overcome. This is an incredible provision. I love you all! for your efforts in my behalf.
Only recently was I introduced to this daily text blog and have shared it with many persons that have found it's value also to be just the thing needed for those that have to work first thing in the morning and get the text in their email. How I wish I would have known about this provision sooner! Thank you so much for your work.
Although in a believing household I have never felt the refreshment of someone taking the lead in arranging a family discussion of the text. I always felt either 'pushing it' or 'on my own' in reading the text. Now I don't. I feel the refreshment of someone taking the lead! I can now instant message others that also have this sent and twitter comments so that I feel like I'm having a 'family' discussion with those that feel the same need to share in a discussion. Even if only one comment. It is such a lift. Thank you so much. I always longed for the easily available references that I looked up in my former single 'carefree' days. And this provision of instant access almost makes me cry. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I really appreciate having the day's text emailed to me

I have been enjoying the daily text every day now thanks to your service.

Hi a question: are you guys officially from watchtower society providing the daily examining the scriptures? since as you known unfortunately internet is a place that cant provide wrong information due to people that say are Jehovah witnesses but in fact are not, on the other hand I ve been reading so far for three days and I can tell that it has fulfilled me with hope to come back some day to Jehovah's organization, I was never not baptized I just left years ago but never forgotten his word, thanks guys see you

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is XXXX and currently residing here in XXXX. As you may know, this is a Muslim country and our worldwide work here is prohibited. I am a XXXX by origin. My intention of emailing you is to ask if these blog is generated by the WT Society or just an individual effort? I was hoping to make an additional suggestion if it would be proper or if you will allow me to have part on this blog site.
Please accept my personal commendation on such effort you have given to come up with this online daily bible text. A lot of our brothers and sisters will surely appreciate this. I am just an ordinary employee here in XXXX. But I may not tell you everything in details for security purposes. We are very careful on everything that we do when it comes to our spiritual work since it is prohibited and there is a system here that we follow. We even had to make changes on our terms such as meetings, study and kingdom hall. The use of internet had given a great contribution for the transfer of our materials as well as received further instructions from the Society.
Let me start with I have in mind. As I am preparing this email, I am praying to Jehovah God that I can explain this clearly in english so that you may understand. I have very little knowledge in computer, especially with network, websites and alike. The population of XXXX workers here in XXXX is increasing. I saw the need for doing something that our brothers and sisters (specially those new comers here in the XXXX) can still receive spiritual food. I have the means, but I don’t have the ability until I saw your site when I was researching. I just wanted to accomplish something that everyone can access a XXXX language version of our “Examining the Scriptures Daily”. Below is my suggestion:
I can send you the daily text material in XXXX, and in your part, you can just make a link where in it will take them to the XXXXversion of our daily text. Although English is our universal language, but there are some that would understand more our own native language.


Thank you for taking the time to create this blog as sometimes I forget to read the day's text before I leave the house. Now that I have found your blog, I have no excuse to not take in the spiritual information. Would it be possible to include live links to the corresponding watchtower paragraphs at the end of each text. I do appreciate that this will increase the amount of time it may take to create each blog. Once again thank you for this well designed and thought out service.

Thanks for the info that continues to keep us well fed spiritually whilst the world is hungering for spiritual truth to benefit their lives now and in the future.

I want to subscribe.

Do you send these out in Spanish? Thank you so much for doing all this hard work, so that we can enjoy this every day.

Have been enjoying the daily text for a few months. Wonderful service! Thank you.

Dear Brothers, Hi I have a question. I have the Watch Tower cd-rom. I know it works on Micro Soft, But I have a Mac with the OSX operating system. How can I get it to work for my Apple computer?If you could please help me with this problem ,I feel I can really increase my study seems I study at work.Thank you for all you do

i need the text for today thankyou

just a short note to say thanks for your work in putting this service together, my wife and I lead such busy pressured lives, it's so easy to let good habits such as the daily text slip, this has been a great help to us,
thanks again,

Thanks a lot for this.

Please continue sending me and my wife (XXXX) the Examining the Scriptures Daily. We have not received them the past few days. Please don't forget us and thank you all the hard work you do in preparing it in email form everyday.

Thank you brother.

Thank you for all you do in providing the daily reading!

Thank you so very much, by the way, I was wondering, is there any place where I could subscribe for a spanish daily text? Thank you again,

Hi brothers,
I sincerely want to thank you for this nwe website filled with useful vital information. Jehovah has trully blessed his organization with these sites. Anything from the BIble,publications, articles, dramas, and in many languages is trully a blessing, not to mentionthe daily text. I am a JW that has come back to Jehovah's Org. after about 10+ years of being cold and experimenting with worldly un-Christian things XXX XXXX ….. XXXXX Thanks in advance, I'm sure Jehovah's will give you his Holy Spirit to advise me in what steps to take. I rarely receive mail here so can you please e-mail me at XXXX thank you very much.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is there a service to provide the Examining the Scriptures in Spanish? It would be helpful in our quest to learn the language.
Thank you,

Your kindness is very much appreciated.
Thanks !

I really look forward to receiving this email each morning to start my day.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to subscribe to the Daily Bible text. And also big thanks for making it possible to listen to our magazines and other literature in many languages.
We sometimes meet people in the field service that speak different languages than we and it is so great to give them the link to the official site of Watchtower.org and Jw.org.
Even in our small municipality - XXXX in XXXX - we meet people of many nationalities and this is a wonderful help for us.
May Jehovah continue to give you more and more blessings for the good work you are doing.
Your sister

Hello Brothers,
Thank you for all your hard work in feeding Jehovah's people earthwide and for helping us to become good teachers and preachers of the good news!

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all you hard work that you are doing. Thank you!!!!

so glad you do this...
I have a couple rss feeds that display on my laptop. I was hoping I could get the text on there by doing a rss feed of my own, and on a whim did a search and found your site. It is awesome. Thanks for the effort and work. I live in XXXX, TN. Thanks again.

Hi My Dear Brother, It is so nice to know what a kind and wonderful brother you are that is why I pray to Jehovah to take care of you and your family. I love Always your sister XXXX

This is such an excellent tool!!
We still do our reading at home at dinner as a family but getting this in my PC first thing in the morning at work is a wonderful thing - I read and sometimes re-read through the day!
Do you know if there are any similar sites that provide the weekly bible reading assignment in a similar subscription format?
Thank you!!

Thank you very much for your web site. I read it at work it gives me a scriptural thought to help me through my day.
Keep up the good work!

This is so wonderful, one of the best tools to examine the scriptures.

I must thank you for sending this information. I usually have a hard time remembering to read the text, and this really reminds me. Thank you again.

Dear brothers, I recently signed up to receive the Day's Text by email at work, and I thank you so much for this service! It is so refreshing to read it not just once, but several times a day, a wonderful reminder of what the REAL life is, and a reminder of my worldwide loving and kind family all working toward the same goals. I don't know where you are or who you are, but I know that you are a part of that family, and I send much agape love from your sister in XXXX.

Just a breif note to THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I can't believe I found this site... I am so excited that now... if I forget my book I can read it in email before I start work.
Thank you so much for this !! :)

Good Morning All,
Could you please consider ADDing the Scripture Hyperlinks back into the Daily Reading?
Having the Scripture Hyperlinks is such a wonderful help tool to me when Reading the WatchTower excerpts.
The Hyperlink makes me Read the actual Scripture as I am going through and not just gloss over the material without looking the Scriptures up.
If that is possible, it would be most gratefully appreciated, thanks a million.
Warm Christion Love,
Your Sister.

would love to get these daily as an email. What a great idea. Holds us accountable to read this before reading anything else in our box! :)


Thanks very much for this service.
I wonder if you happen to have posts in Spanish?

To whom it may concern,I would greatly appreciate if I could receive the application for examining the scripture daily on my phone.

Hi, I love this service but I wanted to know is this available in Spanish? Please let me know.

What a delight to receive daily inspiration via email. It's cheaper too. I would like to receive all information to encourage me to get back to Jehovah. My mother Sister XXXX XXX is working hard to raise XXXX with the guidance of Jehovah. I am a believer but have never been baptized. How did I end up working and begin a worldly man and Brother XXXX is striving to serve Jehovah. I hope the information I receive daily will wake me up to the fact that Jehovah is where it's at. Thank you for reading this an I hope Jehovah makes me do what I need to do, not just for me, but for my mother and family as well.

Thank you for having this option on line. Its really helps me get my day going.

I'm studying with a couple representatives from the local congregation. My father's side of the family have been in the truth as far back as I can remember. I'm the Johnny-come-lately here. The daily text is part of my morning routine. It's late, so I'm told by the conductors of my study.

Thank you, for this wonderful tool.

Does anyone have the compilation of information in Spanish? I could really use it. I know the 2009 school schedule begins this week, but will help me out for this year.

Thank you very much for providing the text. My wife and I are missionaries in XXXX. It's good to know that if our English "Examining" books don't arrive before the end of February we can still count on you.
May Jehovah bless you,

Thank You so very much, brothers.....

Keep up the good work. I was not sure at first but after looking at the website in detail I see the links refer back to the watchtower.org and I am glad to find such a gold mine. I too have a great need for your site thank so very much for the email and for making the site.

Thank you so much! You are doing a good thing.

Hi, i like you site. Have conforts words every day. I apreciate.

Thank you for your email and explanation of your use of the Society's copyrighted material. I think that it's great if your explanation of "fair use" is compliant with the laws. I have felt that sending out the daily text was not only helpful to others that work, but especially to myself because I was actually able to keep up with the slave class. I will continue to look into this for myself because I enjoyed sending it.

Dear Brothers,
I'd just like to express how grateful I am for your wonderful website that I have just found.
A few months ago, the screen on my laptop went blank, so I could no longer use it for my days text or research for meeting etc. I gave my book away as I had it all on the computer.
However xxxxx we have mislaid the watchtower cd rom, so he has been copying the daily texts and sending them to me via email.
This system works quite well once he has sent them, often by the Wednesday, but I spiritually starve on the Monday and Tuesday, (today).
Jehovah knows how stressed I get if I can't read my daily text. I've been like a bear with a sore head all morning. I then decided to do a google search and typed in "examining the scriptures daily watchtower", and your wonderful website came up.
At first I was a little apprehensive to enter the website, given the counsel that we receive constantly from the faithful and discreet slave regarding websites and apostates. However, I prayed to Jehovah, clicked and entered.
I couldn't believe it. The days text is on the internet!! Thank you. Thank you very much for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. I cried with joy. Today, I really needed to read my text, Jehovah knew that, I know it was His direction.
Thank you so much.

And thank you very much for all the good work. Agape

Please send me the daily text. Thank yo so much what a great idea!!!!

Please include me in the daily text distribuion. thank you. Agape

I just want to thank you for putting the daily text line, it's a blessing to be able to read it during my day.

Greetings my brother
Coming all the way from here in sunning South Africa, my name is XXXXX
I stumbled onto your blog on Examining the Scriptures Daily and found it to be very very
impressive, I love the fact that you have created an RSS feed for it and email functions.
Your loving brother and fond regards,

Thank you for providing this? Makes life easier on the road.
Thanks again,

Thanks much.
Keep up the good work.

Hope everything is OK .We have missed our day text yesterday and today.We love having it online.

today I did not receive today scripture. Do I have to subscript to it again? I would like to have scripture hightlighted to read from the text; it is possible?
Have a great day.

I have not received the daily text for about a week, I tried to rescribeand it told me I was "paused" and to contact you. I really rely on this, can you please start it again.

the daily text was really good this morning it shows us how important it is to pray to jehovah evn if time we may feel in adequate jehovah assures us he will give us what we need at the right time we just have to ask for it continually not just one time but constantly and as long as we work with our prayers jehovah will give us holy spirit also to endure whtevr it may be to come our way and im positive both of us have experienced jeh holy spirit while enduring the DF thing we did it! :-) Muah! as long as we put jeh first things will always workout we all have to be self sacrificing...

Good Morning:
I enjoy the the spiritual food from this site daily. The noted scriptures use to have a link so that when you clicked on them, it took you right to the section in the bible where the text is located. Is this something that can be brought back? I hope so because it was a very convenient tool for me. I appreciate all that you do!

I just want you guys to know that I am SO THANKFUL to be receiving the daily text via email. I didn't know that it was an option until a couple weeks ago. It's especially encouraging to me b/c I'm currently disfellowshipped and I need as much spiritual food as possible. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I really appreciate the “Examining the Scriptures Daily”. I read it every day first thing before I start work.

Dear brothers,

Thanking you for the service of having the daily thoughts,
Yours sincerely,

please if you can read this and are able to - give me back my daily text! In 25 years of being a witness, I've never been so assiduous at reading it as I have been since you started mailing it to me. Thanks so much for this daily gift... it means a lot to me!

Dear Brothers, XXXX here - from India! ... I am writing to let you know, that even though I now have a copy of the Examining the Scriptures Daily booklet, I do now and then look up your blog-site - especially during the day at work - when I need to remind myself of what the day's text is! ... I want you to know that during very difficult times of our trial, it was the postings at your site that kept my spirits up, and helped me hold on. May Jehovah God reward you for your loving gesture. Warm Christian love,

Hi brother/sister!
I should probably have wrote an appreciation email already, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting the daily text. Your blogspot page is beautiful and I am subscribed to it. It looks like you were out yesterday and today, so I thought I would share some encouragement. Something must have got in your way, so I just want to say thank you for your efforts. It is much appreciated.

Wanted to say "thank you" for this wonderful provision of the daily text in e-mail.
It has proved MANY times to right there where & when I needed it.
Hate to waste your time, but I know that sometimes, without feedback, one can wonder if their
efforts & hard work are needed or appreciated.
Well, for sure, yours is!
May Jehovah bless your hard work, generosity, kindness & initiative!

I stopped receiving the daily text, is there something that I could have done? I would like to start getting them again, they are so encouraging. Please let me know.

Thank you for making this provision available!!
Now I am able to read the text even if i forget to read it in the morning because it is in my inbox!!
Great idea. Thank you =)
Josh 1:9

Thank you for providing this service.Please let us know if it ever becomes available in Spanish as well.

Hi there.
Just wanted to say thanks for this extra convenience of having the daily text online. At work where I do not load the wtlb on the PC, it really helps me to be more consistent.
I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first. Which is only natural if one wants to be on guard against apostate information. But so far, my fear has been unfounded, as the information is directly from the Examining the scriptures Daily Booklet.

Anyway, thanks again.

Just a quick note to thank you for this provision, it is very helpful!

Hi there,
Just wanted to give a quick thanks for your work in putting up Examining the Scriptures Daily on your blog. I live in XX, MD (attending XX, MD Congregation), and right now I'm working 50+ hours per week. Since I'm at a computer for a portion of the day, I have your site bookmarked under my daily favorites in my Firefox browser, which I open every morning. It is so nice because it pretty much ensures that I will get to read the text every day since I have it come up automatically. After reading it, I leave that tab open as a reminder, and try to glance at the scripture throughout the day when I'm at the computer, as a reminder. I appreciate the work that goes into keeping this up, especially with the scripture links to the watchtower site - very helpful for someone with a schedule such as mine!
Thanks again!

Thanks for your prompt reply. The truth is, I've seen and heard so many false interpretation of Jehovah's Witnesses on line. There are some sites that pretend to speak good of the Witnesses, when actually, their motive is to lure visitors to visit their sites and tell them half truth and some bunch of lies. Owing to that, I decided I will not accept any information about Jehovah's people and it's organization if it's not from the official site of Jehovah's Witnesses.
So, once I stumbled across your site and learnt of the services you offer, I was at first excited because that would mean that I can now be taking my daily text regularly, should I forget to take it before leaving home, your site and its services will allow me to take it in an electronic form. But then, after the first one to three updates, I dont know, but the synic in me, tells me that I could be recieving distorted or modified contents of the Examining the Scriptures Daily. But I have no grounds to prove the claim, so thats why I decided to write you people.
But now that you've answered my question, I think I am a little easy now and would only see how it goes. I do not intend to discredit your work and the fine job you are doing. Neither am I asserting that your motives of doing this great job is wicked or to decieve.
Once again, I want to commend your effort in ensuring that Witnesses like us who for one reason or the other could not take the daily text before leaving home in the morning can take in this electronic form called blogging.
I want to use this opportunity to reaffirm my desire to continue recieving electronic copies of the examining the scriptures daily as provided by your website/network.
Best love and warm wishes
Your brother,

Dear Bro/Sister!
I must say am very grateful for this opportunity you/your site is providing many of us whom due to one reason or the other could not talk the "Daily Text" before leaving home to the office. Before now, it has been a matter of concern to me, but thanks to you/your site, even when because of hurriness, I forgot to take the Text in the money, am able to take it online, thanks to this wonderful daily scriptural update you are providing.
But I was wondering, this whole arrangement that you are providing, is with the knowledge or approval of the Governing Body? Does the Governing Body know about it?
Am asking because I want to make be sure that what am taking as the daily text is authentic, without any modification or typographical error that would distort the exact message as published by the Governing Body of Jehovah's people.
I will appreciate your prompt response to my mail.
Your brother,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing this when I needed it. I just got my copy of the "2007 Watchtower CD ROM" from the Society and I can read it there. I think I was successful and unsubscribing myself from the service. However I didn't want to just drop with out saying "Why"
I hope that this service can continue for Brothers and Sisters who don't have a way to view the daily scriptures otherwise.

Hi guys
I just felt moved to write to say thanks for this blogspot.
Since discovering it about 4 months ago I not missed a single days text.
Previously I tried to be regular with the Society's paper version but found that it usually got put in the drawer sometime during the day and then I needed to remember to get it out again the following morning.
Since discovring your page I have set up a 'task' on my work PC that automatically opens the daily text at 10:00 am each day. If I arrive after that time it is the first thing I get to see. If I arrive before that time (rarely) then it pops up at just the right time.
Thanks again.

Hello there, I enjoy the daily text on your website or in my inbox. I feel like I have plenty of choices which allows me to read it several time and even forward to other recipients. I know there are other websites who offer the daily text in other languages, but none of them gave scriptures links. This allows for a full experience. Do you have other translations if no are there plans to have one? I am interested in Spanish. Your brother in the truth,

Thanks for the feed!! Now I can use php script to fetch it and use it as an automatic signature that changes everyday!! Good way of reminding people (myself included) to read the text.
Have a good day!

your website is fantistic!

let me say that you provide a valuable service to put text in RSS format
, thanks for the time & effort it takes to do this.

I love it. I have an iPhone and works so well.

I just want to express gratitude for your hard work in sharing this information.

To whom it may concern,
I would just like to thank you for making it possible to receive the Days Text via e-mail. Every day is a new challenge in this system of things and Jehovah's people need constant refreshment and encouragement through His word. Thank you!

Over the past few month I have been going through so many hardships,but every time I read the daily scripture I find a word of encouragement from our loving father ,through thefaithful and discret slave.may Jehovah all bless you .

Dear Brothers
Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are all going through so much. I am recently divorced. and my husband of XX yrs went apostate. It breaks my heart. and the pain is some times unbearable.some times even hard to go on. But thanks to all of you. We are reminded why Jehovah hates a divorce and he hears our pain. Just a little while longer and Jehovah promise pain will be no more. That is what keeps me going. Thank you again for doing suck a fine work,

Are there any terms of use that would prevent me from copying and emailing your Daily Text to my Bible Students? We are non-trinitarians and believe in the ONE God Jah or Jehovah.

Thank you so much for this wonderful service.

Wow! I totally understand about the privacy issues. It was just odd coming across the blog. For people like me who wake up and run out the house, get home and are brain dead a site like this is a great back up. Thanks for putting this out there. While we never take for granted what the slave gives us for those of us whose jobs revolve around the net, it can definately be a useful tool.

I love it emailed to me and I appreciate it getting it that way very much. Thanks.

I do enjoy the text on my email.

Dou you know if the Daily text is available in Spanish ?
I use it in English, but my native language is Spanish.
Thank you!
(and thank you for doing this material available on-line)

I love this site!

Dear Brothers/Sisters
Thank you for the effort of writing a daily text, daily. We are a family of four, two boys and my wife. We use this arrangement daily. we find it very handy and convinient.

first of all I want to say THANK you for all your hard work!
Getting the daily text on the computer is SUCH a great help.
I read it at home in the morning, but reread it during the day in the office, which I have never done before . so it STICKS!!! Thank you so much for this helpful tool!
There is a little “problem” - I always get it a day late - because we live in Germany , in a different time zone,
Is it possible to get it in the German time zone???
Thank you for your help and may Jehovah keep blessing your work!

co-worker and myself have "Examining the Scriptures Daily" link saved to our computers.
As our work spaces are adjacent we take turns reading the text to each other not knowing that another of our co-workers was listening until one day when she spoke up and said "you haven't read your devotionals today". As the ensuing conversation progressed the also mentioned how much she enjoyed hearing the text and asked to join in and could she comment also. Of course we said yes and she does.

Thank you so much for this wonderful convenience!
I have friends that want to sign up, and I can’t find the link/site to tell them to go to, to sign up to receive the daily text via email.
Would you please send me the sign up site?
Thanks for your help.

Would you by chance know of another link for the daily text in Spanish? The one you sent me before is a little visually challenging.
Thanks for anything, and best wishes.

Hi to everybody, thanks for sending me the daily text.

I have had the opportunity to download the study articles very convenient and beneficial. I noticed it from your site. Thank you so much in assisting in the world wide work, your efforts are not futile. May Jehovah continue to bless you and others who are working diligently to feed his domestics at the proper time.

Thanks for replying. as long as you're not someone who is against the TRUTH are the Organization or a Apostate I'm ok with it.

No problem. Yeah if I were you I would also put the weekly bible reading as well as the material for the school for that particular week. I just subscribed!

found your web-page on a google search. I've set your web-page to our home-page. How very convenient to make sure everyone in my family is reading the daily text. =)
With agape love,
Friends in Ohio

Thanks for the scriptures daily!
I love them!

Thank you brothers.
Yes there are still problems in Kenya, and most people are unaware of some of the deeper problems. There are militias being trained in several parts of the country and it is difficult to say what they arebeing trained for - war or revenge.
At any rate, we keep leaving everything in the hands of the God of all comfort. Yesterday a 'peace deal' was arrived at, but we do not know how long it will last if at all.
Otherwsie we are relatively fine and enjoying our meetings - those of us who can attend. Some places are under curfew so meetings are abit tricky.
Keep praying for us, and thanks once again.
Your brother in Jahs service,

I can’t thank you enough for making this site available to me!!! I am able to read my daily text and look into the bible text for that day as soon as I turn on my computer !!! AND since I work at my computer ALL the time because of my job,….. THIS MAKES FOR A VERY EXCITING WAY TO START MY DAY !!!!!!
My daily text doesn’t get forgotten as easily !! ANOTHER BLESSING FROM MY GOD, JEHOVAH!
Have A Great Day!!

Hello, Thank you for providing the day's text via RSS. When I go to work in the morning, I read my RSS items, but because I have to go to work so early for my schedule so that I can pioneer, I never have time to read the text in the morning. Now that I can read the text in the same place as my RSS feeds, I can read the text in the morning every day and not just days I go out in service. Thanks again,

I enjoy getting it daily

This is very helpful for me getting this via my e-mail

I have not been receiving my daily email…..just wondering if possibly you are no longer sending? If you could check on this, I would surely appreciate it…..I look forward to this every morning.

There's no Monday. You've got a good blog where we can get some good links, keep up the good spiritual work. Thank you for the time the you put into it.

I really am grateful to have found your website. I have a mac computer which is not compatible wit the WT cd rom.
Do you know what one of the provisions that Jehovah God has made in this time of our trial - that shows that he concerned about providing us timely spiritual food? It is your Examining the Scriptures Daily blog site.
Reading the text and meditating on the daily text each day has been a source of great strength to me (as is of course for countless other brothers and sisters) and as the end of last year approached, I made it a matter of prayer as to how I would be able to continue to do that for this year. Then, after the prayer, I searched the Internet for the phrase 'Examining the Scriptures Daily' and thus found your blog.
And as we continued this healthful practice of reading the daily text each day, soon afterwards, it is from your site I read the announcement of the Watchtower and Awake audio downloads.
I cannot thank Jehovah God and you enough for the wonderful way He has answered my prayers through you.
Thank you so much for being there and for all this hard work with the site.

I want to express my deepest Thanks for providing this for me to read everyday as an email. I am a busy person and I don't always get the chance at home to read this. While I am at work I can read my email during breaks and read the daily text. Please keep this going.

I just had to write to say how grateful my husband and I are for your blog!
We'd ordered three printed Examining the Scriptures Daily, but due to a mix-up behind the literature counter with the congregation we share a hall with, they went elsewhere before we could pick them up. Our new WT CD still hasn't arrived, so we don't have that resource either. The CD is what we usually use during the work week at our respective offices to keep up with the daily text.
If not for your elegant and beautifully done blog, we'd be re-reading 2007 LOL!
Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Thanks a million, our congregation got the daily text on Sunday. I am very grateful for your help, and thanks again for the daily texts in my box.
May Jehovah bless your efforts.

Thank you so much dear brothers for this timely meal. As yet we have not got our booklets, and we dont know how long we have to wait.
The situation in Kenya had calmed down, but now there is a fresh flare up of violence. It is no longer political, but looks more and more ethnic now. Our brothers in many places are suffering, especially those who do not belong to the local tribe. Where I live, things are still more or less peaceful,though there is a huge food shortage and since the economy has taken a nosedive, almost no funds left to buy yhe very expensive foods. The 'breadbasket' of the country is XXXX, which was the hardest hit area. A few more weeks of this and we will probably starve physically! But I am sure Jehovah will step in and save his people somehow. We have thrown ALL our burden on him as he invites us to do.
Thank you for your concern and prayers. If I need the March daily texts, I will inform you.
Christian love and Greetings,

Thank you for the Examining the daily Scriptures daily

Thank you VERY much brother. I am deeply grateful.
May Jehovah continue to bless the effort you put into delivering the daily text to our emails every day.
A lot of times I forget considering the daily text at home (maybe because I know it will be waiting in my e-mail), so thanks for giving us the opportunity not to miss even when we forget.

I want to thank you for your blog i read it everyday. Keep up the good works.
sister in the faith

Thank you for your concern - and the new website. I just learnt of it over the weekend and will definately have a look. Also, if we need anythnig in terms of publications, I will let you know.
As for the situation here, there is a standoff between the political leaders, and from Wednesday the opposition say they will have mass action for three days. Means more bloodshed/looting etc. Anyway, we hope they will find a solution soon.
Have a wonderful week, and Jah be with you.

Dear Brothers,
Thank you for your email. No, I did not get the email you sent as I hardly use that address now.
As to the situation in Kenya - it is bad politically. Many of our brothers have lost their homes and livelihoods. Also, there is a major snarl up at the port of Mombasa, so we are having very little spiritual food coming in. So we have sporadic issues of the magazines. However, I have not received any report of any brother losing their lives, which is a good thing. The branch office here is taking care of the displaced brothers, some in the capital city Nairobi, and many in the countrys interior.
Anyway, Jehovah is taking care of his own, and we definately need your prayers as there is now scarcity of physical food too as most of it comes from the interior. The little there is is VERY expensive, and not many of the brothers have money now or jobs. We are confident though that Jehovah will sustain us - as he always does.
Thank you for the daily text for January, and will inform you if we have not received our booklets at the end of the month.
Thank you for your prayers, and may Jehovah bless you for your good work.
Your brother,

Hallo Brothers,
Thanks for your wonderful work.
Kind regards,

Thank you so much, may Jehovah bless you!

I am so glad to be able to read the daily text online.
We are yet to recieve our hard copies in my congregation. But I have be assured that we would get them soon.
I am also happy about the links to our official site.
Just want you to know that someone appreciate the good work.
Thanks a lot.

Thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much!!! Its funny how Jehovah gives us our spiritual food right at our finger tips . . .this is really gonna help me keep up with my daily text! Have a great Day!

may Jah bless you. agape,

I am a fellow Jehovah's Witness and I would love to be able to get the daily text emailed to me on a daily basis. Thank u!

well im sure you are reaching others even though you dont know it. sometimes i forget to read the text but your blog has encouraged me to read it everyday!! thank you.
i live in XXX and i just finished year XX. preaching at school used to be my special territory to reach others but now im off to tafe but im sure i will find other ways to expand my ministry.
no matter where we are in the world i guess we're all doing out best huh.
perhaps ill meet you in paradise..

the watchtower library on my computer had broken down and i couldnt be bothered going to my room to get my bible so i typed up the scripture i was looking for in google when i came across your blog.
you are in the truth? i was just curious as you are very diligent and persistent in typing up each text for the day. is this how you reach as many people as you can? very interesting.

I just wanted to take a minute from my day to say how grateful I am that you continue to send out your feed and to make sure that the information transfer from the Daily Text is accurate. I can't even begin to tell you just how convenient it is to have the Examining the Scriptures Daily on my Google desktop, and due to the convenience I have been able to maintain a constant schedule of reading everyday for the past 10 months.

Thank you for posting these online, while I have my Day’s Text beside my bed, there are mornings when I forget to read them. I have added this site to my favorites.

I just wanted to write and thank you for your blogspot of the daily text. There are days when I forget my text and once I'm at work I feel like I'm missing something. So now I have your blogspot to read on such days. Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to take a min to thank you for putting the daily text online. Along with many of my faults and areas that I need to work on spiritually, is reading the daily text. I am really rushed and busy in the morning, but I should never be to busy to read the refreshing words of Jehovah in the morning to start my day off on a positive note. Thanks again for your help, now I can read the text every morning when I get to work. May Jehovah be with you!
Your Brother

Dear Brother,
This is just to drop a note of sincere thank you for all your consistant hardwork you do for all of us.
To find Daily Text each day in our mail box is really helping out and this routine has helped me so much that before sometimes I just missed out, but now I paste it on my desktop and can read it all day long time after time.
Thank you once again.
May Jehovah continue to bless you for nice efforts.
brotherly love,

I don’t know if I’ve thanked you before but I’m grateful to be able to read the text on line during the day as a quick reminder at work (during breaks of course!).
Much appreciated.
Your brother,

This is excellent because I have trouble seeing small print (EXAMININGSCRIPTURE text is small).All my theocratic literature is in large print but this email version ofthe daily text is just great. THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you.

Hi is this program available in Spanish? Thanks for the Blog with the daily text. I finally found.

hey thanks for putting the text online- very cool blog. :)

First of all let me say upfront that I am a disassociated Witness (felt I was leading a double life and that it would bring reproach on Jehovah and his Organisation) from South Africa, now doing contract work in XXXX. If you don’t wish to communicate, I understand.
I wanted to say thank-you for the daily “glimpse” your site offers me, it provides much needed access to the organisations daily routine which used to be so much a part of my life – especially in a part of the world where Witnesses are not free to congregate, etc. This is of course complicated by the fact that I am no longer in contact with any of my previous (10 years back) Witness associates.

Hi there, whoever you are. I used to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses but got drawn by the world. It’s been 4 years now. Anyway, I almost cried in delight when the search engine gave me this site when I typed “examining the scriptures.” Thank you for the effort to put up something like this, tho I know it’s not an official site. I have a friend within the organization, who is sending me the daily text since I guess, a month ago. But it’s in the local language. I wanted to print today’s text both in local and English and put it in my locker door.
Thanks again for the efforts in reaching out to as many people as possible.

Thanks for posting the text. It's really helpful for those days I forget my daily text. Like today....oops! and need a helpful spiritual reminder during my hectic day....thanks again...

Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to find the text online for awhile, and I’ve only come across this now. Wonderful.
Thank you again, have a great day!

Your Examining the Scriptures Daily is the greatest. I have shared it with many of my family. I have added to my personal iGoogle page. I do most of my reading online for the sheer convenience.

A website that updates the daily text each day is great...

Finally, someone is using the computer for something spiritual. Makes me feel so good.

I really appreciate these as it inspires me to read them instead of having to keep track of my book on a daily basis and also remember to get one each time I go to the Hall.
Thanks, I am so glad I found this site.

I did not know that there was a site that listed the daily text on the internet-just checking the source. I love the provision if I forget to read the text at home before going to work.

Thanks for putting the daily text on the www. I found myself on the computer early this morning working on a talk. I gave my daily text to a sister that was in the hospital, and until I'm able to get another I'll have it on the www. I looked for it on the official site and the media site to no avail. thanks again.

I've emailed you before but I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate you putting the daily scriptures on the web. I've been forwarding them and the bible reading to my son and a few friends at their jobsites. Due to their busy schedule (and who's not busy these days) they find it difficult to buy out the time for these precisous gems. Keep up the good work!

First I just want to say thank you for providing this resource, I find it great for reviewing the text throughout the day. One thing I think would be great is links from the cited scriptures to the online version of the NWT. For example, the memorial readings today would look like http://www.watchtower.org/e/bible/mt/chapter_021.htm#bk1 and http://www.watchtower.org/e/bible/mt/chapter_021.htm#bk14 . And the memorial would be a great time to introduce a new feature like that.
Tracking down the links is easy, just goto http://www.watchtower.org/e/bible/index.htm , select the book, chapter and verse, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the no frames picture. Cut and paste the URL from this new page and thats it.
Thanks again for taking the effort that you have already, I look forward to reading the text into the future,

I would like the daily text e-mail to me, some times I forget to read my own text. Thanks a lot!

I am in search of e-file of 2007 Examining the Scriptures Daily, and I have found your blog. I lost my english file last saturday and our congregation do not have any available copy.

Thanks for the nice website on the day’s text.

Keep up the good work.
This site is set as my home page, helps me to stay focused during the course of a hectic day in the world.

I received this from one of the Brothers, and found it to be very helpful...Is it possible that I be added to the list to receive the Daily Scriptures?
My appreciation in advance...

up until now we still do not have our Examining the Scriptures Daily booklet.
Thank you so much for your help.

Thank you brother for this site,I really miss the one that came on the screen at the boot up, any way to do that? or does that disturb the copy right laws? It was just a sure proof way to read the text first thing before any other indevores Again thank you,

Thank you dear brother, for your hard work and upkeep on you RSS feed. Since adding the ESD to my Google desktop I haven’t missed a spiritual feeding. Again, thank you.
Warmest brotherly love,

Dear Brother:
My husband just came across your Examining the Scriptures Daily. We just wanted to say “thank you” for the work you did on this beautiful page that makes it easier and reminds us of the more important thing to start our day.
Your brother and sister,

Good morning,
I am just about to head of to work and was searching Google for the daily text, fount this site.
Nice work,
I been away form home without my literature it is good to know that this is available at hoc.
Is their any other literature covered by this set up?
Warm Regards

I ask because I want to get the text on my Ipod with the dates as the titles (kinda like on RSS feeds) anyhow I was just wondering if you knew. Thanks by the way for the text. I am a student and it really helps to have it on my CPU since I do not have the 2006 WTL yet. Thanks

Thank you brother. I was looking for the wtlib version for my latest toy, the BlackJack, and found this. Its perfect, I go to work or class and I have a spiritual popup. Or I can read it when I am in early morning witnessing at starbucks (well, we have to begin our morning somewhere). Thanks!

I really appreciate you having this online. I wish the branch would offer it online as they do the bible.

Hi Brother
just wanted to thank you for an excellant site. I do a lot of work at my computer and I normally use the WT library for the ETSD but as we're into a new year and my WT lib is 2005 I miss the access.
It's also handy to send your link to any I might be communicating online with and we can do the daytext together via videophone SKYPE.
Thanks for the provision.
Brotherly love
your brother

Although we have already received our books for daily text, it has been convenient for me to consider it at work just after switching on the machines. I accessed it once on blog but I still have difficulties. I would therefore appreciate if you send me for two months as proposed. Thank you for understanding.

I am a Jehovah’s Witness in Zambia, Central Africa. Supplies like the Watchtower Library with the daily text and the school schedule are not always on time.Thanks!

Thank you, I'm not much of a blogger but it's nice to have the text on my yahoo page.

Thanks ever so much for the daily text ..
Once again, thank you very much and May Jehovah bless you richly.

I am so pleased to find your blog as it helps me stay in tune with the daily text. I read it each morning before I start my work day. I am an active publisher in the XXXX, Kentucky congregation and my husband is the contributions servant. Thanks so much

Our congregations book order wad lost so we don't have any Examine the Scriptures Daily books. I found your blog and was at first cautious but I see it's all accurate info. It will come in handy to be able to read the text!

I find your posting of the Examining the Scriprues very Helpful as i am presently unactive as a witness presently since i have moved to a new rural area where no local halls are avaliable .

In light of that , is there a way the information in the ( 2006 Kingdom Ministry / aka - Kingdom Service ) can be printed in such a way or blog that can be transmitted as simple kingdom info as you have posted presently ,

Just a note to say I'm glad to see you back. I was starting to get worried when the text hadn't been updated for a few days. Thanks for all your hard work - it sure helps me out to get my text read every day at work.

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. Your resource helps me to make sure I cover the day's text, if I don't cover it with my family before I leave for work.

I just found your blog looking for someone who had the daily text electronically. I'm from the XXXX NJ cong. This is great.

Keep up the good work in having a spiritual site.

first of all.... thanks for providing the RSS feed.It really helps in prompting me to read the Daily Text.

Thanks again! I really enjoy my daily text before starting the day and I’m usually out the door with the kids in the mornings before I get a chance to sit down and read it. I was really excited when I found it online to read with my morning coffee at work.
Greatly appreciated! Take care.

Thanks so much for the list. This will help a great deal. We expect that by mid-Feb we should have our booklets. If not, well, expect my email.
Thanks once again and may Jehovah bless you richly.

Dear Friend,
I wish to express, first of all, my gratitude for the Examining the Scriptures Daily that you put on the blog.
Keep up the good work, and may Jehovah bless you richly.